Thursday, December 9, 2010

CHANEL Cote d'Azur Collection Riva Nail Polish

First of all I did not expect the beautiful chanel box. I almost thought they had sent me a wrong item at first. I've ordered beauty products from the Chanel website before but they never came with boxes.
The name of the nail polish is Riva and it's from their Cote d'Azer Collection. It retails for $27 which is $4 more compared to their other nail polishes. It's a pale sky blue with super fine, iridescent blue shimmer which once it's on your nails you won't be able to see. I did my research on it quite a bit before I purchased it and I knew it's very sheer and that I'll have to do at least 3 coats to achieve nice opaque finish. That's a bummer, I wish it wasn't so damn sheer. But other than that I really like the color and the finish.

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